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Let's drive some serious traffic to your website. With the right keywords you can turn the browser into a buyer.

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Have a website created that not only looks great but also converts website visitors into paying customers.


You heard blogging is all the rage but don't know your wordpress from your widgets? Let us sort out your blogging worries.

Social Media

The guys here live online so you don't have to. Let us manage your social media and you'll never have been so popular.

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Mytex has been a wonderful resource for original content across many topics. They are effective at pitching new ideas or taking raw thoughts and building them into well crafted masterpieces of content.

Amy Benowitz
Marketing Director at Saveur

Mytex transformed our website into a vital part of our sales efforts, then tailored a search engine optimization campaign, which has doubled our traffic from a year ago.

Michael Slats
Owner of Perfect Fitness

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Frequently Asked Questions
Do I get a say in the content?

For sure. If you’d like to share ideas, or titles or entire articles then we’re happy to work together. We can even discount slightly if you’d prefer to supply your tribe’s content instead of ours. If you would prefer to leave all the hard yards to us though, that’s even better. Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed.

Am I held into any horrific contracts?

No chance. We’re terrified of contracts too, this is on a month-by-month rolling basis. You can get rid of us any time you want, although we’re pretty sure that’ll never happen. We plan to be the cookie to your cream, the Kanye to your Kim.

Can I supply my own content?

For sure, in fact we recommend it. You can create as much content and publish as regularly as you want. It’s great to have a voice, we’d love to see you use it. Loud and proud.

How many words are in a piece?

As standard our articles are around 500 words. Just long enough to demonstrate the brilliance of your company (and our writing), and short enough that your readers aren’t falling asleep at the helm.

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