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It's a way of fixing software-related problems over the Internet by sharing your computer screen. You watch while we work.

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Computer Services

We can help you if you're at home, at a coffee shop, or even in another country.

New Computer Setup

  • Install anti-virus and anti-spyware software
  • Perform system updates
  • Remove unwanted programs
  • Help set up user accounts
  • Test hardware and software functionality

Virus & Spyware Removal

  • Perform a full-system sweep for all viruses, spyware, and malware
  • Remove viruses, spyware, and malware
  • Repair related OS issues
  • Install antivirus and anti-spyware software

Wireless Networking

  • Install and configure network cards and wireless connections
  • Configure and secure a router
  • Create a secure network
  • Coordinate setup preferences
  • Connect peripheral devices to the network
  • Troubleshoot connectivity issues

Computer Tune-up

  • Increase speed and performance
  • Perform system cleanup and defragmentation
  • Get rid of any unnecessary programs
  • Clean up physical hardware

Printer Setup & Support

  • Set up a local printer
  • Configure and test printer functionality
  • Demonstrate proper printer functionality

Backup or Transfer Data

  • Transfer data from one computer to another
  • Backup data to an external hard drive
  • Backup data to the Cloud

Password Reset

  • Reset password on one account or program
  • Recover license key on one program

OS Installation

  • Install operating system on one computer
  • Ensure all necessary drivers are installed
  • Make sure system is up to date
  • Verify the system is functioning properly

Email Setup

  • Set up one active email account
  • Perform relevant email client updates
  • Demonstrate email client functionality

Computer Training

  • Give overviews of OS
  • Review basic OS navigation
  • Review web browser basics
  • Covers up to 1 hour of training

Software Installation

  • Ensure compatibility and install software
  • Perform any necessary software updates
  • Set up any relevant shortcuts
  • Uninstall unwanted software when applicable

Computer Wipe

  • Prep a computer to be wiped of data
  • Wipe a computer clean of existing data

Mobile Device Services

Mobile Device Setup

  • Perform initial setup and connect device to the internet
  • Setup one user email account
  • Demonstrate how to install new apps
  • Demonstrate how to find and get connected to a wireless network
  • Explain how to maximize battery life

Mobile Email Setup

  • Connect one existing email account
  • Ensure proper connection
  • Assess and repair issues with email syncing

Hands-Free Device Hookup

  • Sync a mobile device with one customer-supplied hands-free device
  • Demonstrate proper hands-free functionality
  • Troubleshoot the connection

What our customers are saying...

Real reviews by real people.

My computer was running so slowly and I couldn’t figure out why. I really thought I was going to have to buy a new computer until I found you guys! Mytex saved my laptop and saved me $900. THANK YOU!
Eddie Eddie J. LocationDallas, TX
Right when my computer started acting up, I decided to give Mytex a call. Turns out I had a few viruses!! They're now gone and my computer works like new. I was up and running in no time. Thanks!
Paula Paula H. LocationSacramento, CA
My WiFi went down and my provider ended up being completely useless when it came to fixing it. Thankfully, I gave Mytex a try. My wireless network was fixed without having to wait for someone to come out to my home. You guys are the best!
Anna Anna R. LocationSpringfield, VA
When my daughter bought me a new laptop, I was clueless about how to use it. Mytex walked me through setting everything up and gave me great advice on programs to use. Thank you for being so polite and patient. I’m a customer for life.
Cynthia Cynthia A. LocationNew York, NY

Plans & Pricing

Premium services without the premium price.

Mytex gift cards now available

What is a support incident?

It's a one-time fix or service for when you need help with a computer problem.

What if I experience the same problem after receiving support?

If you have the same problem within 7 days of receiving support, we will fix it free of charge.

When do the support incidents expire?

They never expire. You can use them the same day or 10 years from your purchase date.

If I want to buy more support incidents in the future, do I need to sign up again?

Nope. If you've purchased from us before, then simply contact us with how many support incidents you need and we'll add them to your account.

If I purchase more than one support incident, do I have to use them all in one day?

Not at all. You can use them any day you need support.

What is the 100% Money-Back Guarantee?

If for any reason you are not satisfied with our services or in the unlikely event we are unable to resolve the problem, we will issue you a full refund.