Macs and PCs Living in Harmony

A while back we were asked quite a bit about Macs in a PC world. Here’s that conversation…

How is it that Macs have gone from being the computer of choice only for graphic designers to becoming a popular choice for mainstream computer users in business?

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Migrating to Google Apps

A while back, one of our clients knew they wanted to improve their email and calendar system. At the time, they had a hybrid of hosted exchange and POP email, which made communication between their people a lot more complicated than it needed to be.

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Why Small Businesses Need IT Support

Sometimes IT is treated like a secondary concern by small business owners who’ve recently made it through the lean, DIY startup years. They might see IT as an option rather than a necessity. But when the first meltdown occurs, like a server crashing or email going offline, owners begin to realize they need some kind of support. But why go with a flat fee, fully managed IT service like Mytex? Why not just get the office manager to troubleshoot problems as they occur? Or maybe an hourly help desk service would do the trick.

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