How to Unsend an Email in Gmail

It happens all the time. You finish typing an email then click Send…only to realize you’ve made a mistake.

It may have been a minor spelling error. Or maybe you accidentally hit Reply All. How about you sent the email to the wrong person, and you really don’t want them reading it because it kinda sorta just might contain something embarrassing?

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Email Optimization: 4 Tricks with your Gmail Accounts

In today’s fast-paced environment, improving efficiencies are viral and important tasks for individuals and businesses alike; the more you can accomplish with less effort and in shorter time, the better for all parties involved. Email, which started in the early to mid 1990s, has been a stalwart during the technology boom. As email has stayed a constant and universal way of communication worldwide, Gmail has found a way to be the leader with their tools to increase efficiencies for their users.

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