Why Mytex Was Created

The idea behind Mytex was to create a support solution that was affordable and simple, which could be used through the latest technologies.

We wanted to make it convenient for you to have your technology problems fixed at any time no matter where you were - at home, at the office, at a coffee shop, at a hotel, or even in another country. Not only did we want to provide excellent service, but we wanted to do it without the feeling of peoples’ pockets being pinched every time their computer or mobile device had a problem.

The Mytex team focuses solely on providing our customers with exceptional service and solving their technology problems, not selling or scaring them into buying services.

Our Philosophy

We are built on the principles of collaborative teamwork and extraordinary customer service. Our daily operations is based on integrity, knowledge, responsibility, respect and excellence. These values guide the way we manage our business and serve our customers.

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