Case Study: Mughal Law Group

Industry: Law | Size: 20-25 Employees

Mughal Law Group is a law firm located in Springfield, Virginia that specializes in traffic, criminal defense, immigration law, and business law.

Before Mytex

Before Mytex, Mughal Law Group was reliant on a small IT company that they’d been with for several years. This company was then acquired by a larger IT service provider and employees at Mughal Law Group noticed the quality of their IT service go downhill. They felt like a number, no longer being offered personal service.


Switching to Mac
Mughal Law Group switched over to Mac computers and discovered their former IT provider was not a Mac specialist and therefore were not well equipped to help them with many of the problems they faced. They needed more than just a “Mac guy,” but a team of Mac/PC specialists.

Scattered Account Manager
Mughal Law Group experienced empty promises, incorrect bills and other issues due to an account manager that was not well organized and seemingly had too much on his plate.

Just a Number
The Mughal Law Group team noticed a change in their IT support because their provider was consistently asking the same questions about basic information each time they called in. It was frustrating and time consuming for them to have to repeat information such as “what type of computer are you using.”


Mac/PC Specialist
Mughal Law Group was greeted by a team of Mac/PC experts when they came to Mytex. Knowing both Macs and PCs and their intricacies means nothing is lost in translation. Everyone gets support – and consulting, to help keep people productive.

Fully Managed IT Support
With the fully managed IT support, there is no run-around. Clients are assigned to a team of Mytex that work with them directly and are easy to reach, whether it is solving issues remotely or on-site.

People First
Mytex’s “small teams” approach serves Mughal Law Group well. They get a breadth of skills, without becoming a number. With Mytex’s IT support, Mughal Law Group gained more than an IT provider, but an IT partner to help them strategize and properly support their business as they grow.


Increased Productivity
With fully managed IT support from Mytex, Mughal Law Group employees are able to report problems, get solutions, and get back to work much faster than they could before. This allows people to focus on their work, not spend hours or days waiting for help.

Better Communication
Employees at Mughal Law Group were assigned a team of Mytex to support them. Having direct contact lets them get in touch with someone who can get them back to work quickly.

Forward Thinking
With a Mytex team, Mughal Law Group has access to an IT Strategist that helps them make informed decisions to support their company’s growth in the future. The Mytex team communicates options for software, vendors, procurement strategies, mobile access and more. This lets Mughal Law Group explore all of the options together before selecting the best fit for the company.


“Mytex is easy to contact, get on site, and they are always willing to jump in. They act as a partner, helping us think through how to improve our business through technology.”

- Shawn Mughal, Attorney at Law